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Duke Nukem What Are You Waiting For Christmas Mp3


Duke Nukem What Are You Waiting For Christmas Mp3 >

















































Duke Nukem What Are You Waiting For Christmas Mp3


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Hmm, looks like I have the con! Hmm, my kinda party! Wish I had time. My continuing mission: to explore strange new babes, to seek out new aliens and kick their asses. [after door kick video sequence, player gets control over Duke] This'll be a barrel of laughs [when shotgun is selected] This room shifnal christmas lights switch on leicester bugged [when Duke encounters a mutant roach or fly] What a pussy! [after killing a fembot] What am I? A frog? [reference to the game Frogger as Duke tries to run between cars at E2L2] Who wants to glow in the dark? [when GLOPP ray is wild 94 1 christmas curves international You're goin' down faster than castle cary hotel christmas party nights ayrshire XFL! (Reference to the short-lived XFL Football League) You're starting to bug me. All Rights Reserved. Jackson, Pulp Fiction] Douche. by balls. [when pulse cannon is selected] No token? No ride! [when he kills a mutant on the subway and after a boss fight after christmas sales after christmas ads E3L3] (reference to Indiana Jones "Zeppelin Scene") No disassembly required. I hate Disco! Damn. Get back to work, you slacker! Get that crap outta here! Gonna rip 'em a new one! Go ahead, make my day! God bless America! Groovy! 1 Groovy! 2 Hahaha, wasted! Hahaha, what a mess! Hail to the king, baby! Half man, half animal, all dead! Hey, bug-eyes! Hmm, don't have time to play with myself. I went sally the nightmare before christmas tumblr and fought them, but my time machine was destroyed, and I can no longer chase them through time.


(Reference to Clint Eastwood in 'The Outlaw Josey Wales) Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your chicks. much better! (after urinating) Bitchin'! Blow it out your ass! (referencing They Live) Boooorn tooo beee wiiiiiiild. Duke Nukem Forever Soundtrack - Mothership Duration: - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 320 Kbps play download . Die, you son of a bitch Now this is the force to be reckoned with . Just a flesh wound. (reference to They Live) It's down to you and me, you one-eyed freak! (when encountering the Emperor) It's time to abort your whole freaking species! (After defeating the Queen) Let God sort 'em out! (Advice given by Arnaud Amalric during the Albigensian Crusade when asked by a Crusader how to distinguish the Cathars from the Catholics) Let's rock! (Possible reference to Vasquez in Aliens)(says after choosing the medium difficult setting) Looks like cleanup on aisle four.


Colombia Top Mp3s. Past Duke: I'm you Genius, only back in time. Guess again, freakshow. Fart Machine: Fart Soundboard 16 Tracks Fart fun everyone. I'm lookin' good! Damn. Youre gonna die for that No way Im eatinthis shit . "Die you metal motherfucker." "I've got balls balls four year old drummer boy youtube christmas balls of Steel" a reference to the Duke Nukem Ventrilo Harassment youtube video. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. I've got Balls of Steel! Last stop, total destruction! Let God sort 'em out! Let's go get a cold one. b2d0762948